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Change the Thinking Changes the Performance

“Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears”

Bobby Jones


Golf is a game with a long history and many people play it at different levels and for different reasons. Some say that the game is difficult and some say it is a game played easy and when you are playing well it does feel easy.

Deep Impact Sports
Change the Thinking Changes the Performance

“What other people find in poetry, I find in the flight of a good drive.”

Arnold Palmer



Golfers are a unique breed of people. It has been said that they  think about golf more often than anything else and it is true that golfers spend large amounts of money on books and videos and magazines and even lessons in the attempt to find the secrets to good golf. Now  you may have tried many things over the years and tried them in many ways and although you have had some successes from time to time you may have found in the past that something keeps on getting in the way of  going down to the next level  and consistently being able to play at your best.

When asked “how much of golf is technique and how much is in the mind?” we always find that professionals and amateurs alike believe like us  that 80% to 90% of good golf is in the mind. Now like you, when millions of people all over the world have found and said the same thing time and again  the conclusion must be that there is something in it.  If this is the case then by now you may be wondering “why until now is there so little available on how to  train the thinking  for good golf?”.

Deep Impact Sports
Change the Thinking Changes the Performance

“The person I fear most in the last two rounds is myself”

Tom Watson



Our Aim:
Our  aim at Deep Impact Golf  is,  when you want to learn how to improve your golf  by improving your thinking mind, you can come to us and using the tools of Chemical Edge Technology transform your thinking to find your best shots more often.

To us the main thrust of CET is the ability to learn how behaviour is created and the patterns that people use to respond to others behaviour and the information they take on from around them. As you learn how  you think and behave and you can use the tools within to influence that behaviour to better control your responses to create personal enhancement of some kind then you are on the way to achieving freedom for yourself and others.

By learning to use the way the brain works effectively you can enhance your performance substantially and the more you learn the easier it gets.

 “One thing that people really need to get about my life’s work is that it’s not about therapy or business or ‘networking’ organization…”


DR Richard Bandler

Modelling Excellence:
NLP is now used in many walks of life; from identifying what someone does to create outstanding performance to taking that performance and training it in to others effectively.

It is about giving people more choices or alternatives to how they respond to situations and circumstances allowing them to find a strategy that enhances all that they do. As Richard Bandler says “It is about freedom!”

“Walter Hagen arrived late. ‘I was shaving ‘ he explained easily. ‘Shaving?’ I asked. ‘You must have had a month old beard to get rid of.’

Deep Impact Sports
Change the Thinking Changes the Performance

Hagen shook his head and smiled . ‘No’ he said. ‘You see, when I have a match to play I begin to relax as soon as I wake up. Everything I do, I do slowed down and easy. That goes for stroking the razor, getting dressed, and eating my breakfast. I’m practically in slow motion. By the time I tee off, I’m so used to taking my time that it’s impossible for me to hurry my swing.”

Johnny Farrell

Chemical Edge Technology (CET) and Golf:
In golf many instructors, professionals and amateurs agree that, amongst other things, to play good golf you need to be able to:

  • Visualise your shot before you play
  • Think in a positive manner
  • Focus on the target
  • Say the right things to yourself
  • Feel the swing
  • And many other vague but useful and intriguing tips

What they don’t teach you is how to do these things well. Learning how to apply Chemical Edge Technology is about freeing the mind to allow you to straighten out your game by applying the tools and patterns of the mind in more effective ways.

Deep Impact Sports
Change the Thinking Changes the Performance

“Never hurry, never worry and always remember to smell the flowers along the way”

Walter Hagen

Training Techniques:

 “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…and when you find something that works much better embrace it.”

 Each of our AUDIO SESSIONs have been designed using the tools of CET in order to enhance the learning rate of delegates.

By combining a mix of traditional and modern training techniques we are able to create a learning environment we are proud of. We have found that by using our particular training style we have been able to create some exciting results. Whether you want a % increase in performance or a 10 stroke drop in golf scores we have found that those trained by us use the techniques they learn naturally rather than having their heads filled with tips and theories.

Using advanced training tools is nothing new to the golf industry and evolving previously generated techniques that work may be something you have come across before. It is not just the uniqueness of the game or the  people  who play it that makes it easy to  demonstrate great changes in performance  or even the power of Chemical Edge tools that makes the difference.

Now, having been through the learning with us you will find it was a completely entrancing experience and where learning became natural and the experience is fun you will have created an environment for change, which stays with you for many years to come.

Deep Impact Sports
Change the Thinking Changes the Performance

“I wait for the fairway to become ‘friendly’ and when it does I know it is time to hit the ball because a feeling of contentment comes all over me.”  

Dave Marsden


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